• app4Mind is a “mind app” you can use to change your own behavior – like changing how you eat, exercise, work, relate to others, and get into good routines and out of bad habits. It’s not an app your buy from an app store. Rather, it’s a free metaphorical app you learn on this site and store in your mind, so it’s always accessible to you.

    Deemed “brilliant and useful” by renowned psychiatrist Edward Hallowell, it’s the first ever distillation of what actually happens when people make sustainable change in their lives, fused with cross-disciplinary research and insight into what we do, why we do it, and how to change it. Get the app and get started changing what matters to you! READ MORE

    About app4Mind
  • Susan Alexander is a New Yorker, mother, blogger, lawyer, cyclist, and certified CrossFitter (among other things). She created app4Mind by fusing her own experiences with change she’s made and sustained in her own life with her observations of change in other people, along with the world’s wealth of research and insight on change and behavior modification. app4Mind is free metaphorical “app” you can use to make sustainable change in your own life. READ MORE

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